MX-5? No, I don’t 😀

It’s so much fun to go out on a day-trip with those people. It’s almost like going out for a day with your family. What do we do? I’ll tell you.

I’m a member of the Belgian MX-5 club called MMRC.

Every member of the club can organize a day trip. These are (most of the time) quite simple to follow a road book. The start of the day could be in your city or on the other side of the country. As you can imagine, to participate, we sometimes need to get out of bed very early. But I don’t care, we take off with the top down, a smile on our face and leave everything else behind!

At the start point we get our road book, and a small briefing about the trip itself, sometimes we even get breakfast from a sponsor. It’s always nice to see the other members again. Hugging, laughing, sharing stories, and for the car fanatics a good moment to check out all the cars and their accessories. The cars come in all kinds of colors and kits, from stock to exclusive rims and so on.

Sometimes we have about 40 cars, but it can even go up till 90! Can you imagine how that looks in the street? How people react when they see one after another convertible car passing by? And when you got that image, imagine that almost all members are dressed up in a specific theme  😀

Yes, once-in-a-while we also do theme rides. Let the inner child take over for a moment. Hey, we only live once!

Do I get bored of the MX-5 trips with the club?

MX-5 Theme Ride
Now, on the road, following the road book, going from east to west (and many other directions towards the end-point). We make stops to get our inner being fed and give it a big beer, eh, water. What else did you expect? We also make quick stops at cultural things to see in the neighborhood before continue following the road book. There are so many beautiful things to see in this world, I’m never going to have enough time to see them all.

When we arrive at the end-point, we can have dinner together and talk about all the things we have seen. On a Sunday, we don’t stay too long because of the work we need to do on Monday. If the trip is on a Saturday it could be morning before we start our car again. At the end of the day when we drive home with our MX-5 again, you can see a big smile on my face. More memories, more beautiful days will come.

MX-5 Theme Ride

Kind Regards,

Davy Melis


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