This continued for a few years. I met other friends on the way but I stayed the shy one. But I wanted to lose that feeling and wanted to change. It took a lot of gut to step up but I didn’t want to be that man again. I needed to be myself instead of that little invisible boy. I had a long conversation with myself and I said “No More!”. I started with little things and I kept doing this. I looked at people in their eyes and smiled. Not much but just a little smile. Strangely people smiled back to me. After this I started to say “Hi” to random people and what do you think? They also said “Hi” to me! Why didn’t I do this before?

Later on, I started to go ice-skating with some friends. The place to be for teenagers to attract people from the opposite sex. I wasn’t the smooth talker like many other boys so I needed to find another way to make contact. Instead of breaking my head and searching for a pickup line I just started skating towards a girl who got my interest. As I didn’t have enough experience in ice-skating I couldn’t stop so I shouted (at the last moment) that I couldn’t stop. And by that time I landed in the girl her arms. Of course, this didn’t always give the result I wished for but I had a lot of fun and felt that I did not need to be shy!

From that moment on I tried to be that boy every day. I stepped up and got out of the shadow. I became a young man who laughed and talked to strangers. Even now I still walk by and smile at strangers. It does strange things to the people. It reminds me of a quote: Smile, it confuses people…. You should try it!

(Photo by Katie Chase on Unsplash)

Kind Regards,

Davy Melis


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