Do we want to escape our standard 9 to 5 life?

 Last week I was on a day trip with my spouse Sil and our dog Lorion to the Belgian coast at Oostende. We had planned a day off to take time for ourselves and just “seize the day”. See what came upon our path and let everything else behind. Sil is a sea-person, I’m more a mountain-person but we all make sacrifices to keep our balance. The day started with a lovely sun in the blue sky and we noticed it was a holiday because of the many cars around us on the highway. Traffic jams, car accidents, people driving in the wrong lanes. Then you ask yourself: where do all these people go to? Why do they all go outside now?

That’s when I thought for what reasons they would want to leave their homes now. Are they also on holiday or do they need to work? Local stores in Oostende are all open on holidays, maybe they are on their way to work. Or they know the stores are open and all want to go shopping? Or do they just want to escape their 9 to 5 jobs and go away from all the work troubles and stress for a day? If so, what’s wrong with their job? Why don’t they like their job?

If you look at the faces of the people walking by, you see that they aren’t happy. Almost no one smiles. It seems that they forgot how to smile. Forgot that there is more than just work. Forgot how to be happy. Don’t remember that life is too short to sit on the side and let it pass by. That’s when I realized I made a very good decision and start learning again. I learned to “take a look” at my life from a distance and analyze what’s going on. I was one of those people who did not know anymore that there is more than just working for a boss from 9 to 5. That there are other things you can do and escape this boring life. It feels so good to remember how to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.


We all need to work to be able to earn some money. We all want to spend it on things we love to do. We better make sure we enjoy our work and make it possible to do it whenever we want to do. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be your own boss, choose your own work hours, choose your own location to work from without the stress and pressure from a manager or director? That’s exactly what I started. An online business that I can do on every hour of the day for as long as I want with the freedom of doing it wherever I want to do it.

We went for a long walk on the beach, let go of every negative thought and sniff up the salty sea air to reload our energy. The weather was good for the time of year. Not to cold, not too much wind. Not quite the same as when we were walking on a beach in the Netherlands with friends. You can check out An her page for a view of that beach. The beaches seem endless, the views are breathtaking. A few dogs that ran around us and played with Lorion. It was weird to see, so many traffic jams and so little people on the beach. Where did they go? We also went shopping and had a few pancakes to strengthen our inner soul. After the shopping, we stopped by the local fish market. Nothing better than a few portions of fresh fish straight from the sea. At the end of the day, we returned to the car. It was already getting dark and we decided to walk over the beach again. See the lights of the streets and the café’s, hear the water of the sea rising up and down over and over again. Watch the ferries on the horizon. So relaxing, so peaceful.


 Back at the car, we gave Lorion water so he could drink and get that salty taste of seawater out of his mouth. On our way home, we were talking about what a lovely day it was and guess what happened… everyone was driving home again and again traffic jams. If only we had more days off, more freedom, than we could go to the sea whenever we want and not only when it’s a holiday when everybody is free.

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